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    Barcode Print Facility (BPF) an IBM Mainframe Printer Driver  System and Programming Tool 

 Fill & Print - Design documents on a PC using any editor, upload to the mainframe and use BPF to auto form fill and print -  This is now found in BPF Release 8.8.8 Click here for Form Fill Write-up

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What's new in Release 8.8.8:  

  • Data Matrix Bar code Available!
  • Print in Arabic, French, Chinese!
  • Minor Fixes and Changes
  • Auto Form Fill for HP LaserJet and Minor Fixes and Changes....
  • Auto Form Fill for HP LaserJet and Compatible Printers!

   What's new in Release 8.8.8 and available now:  string or standard BPF

  • AFPDS driver - complete. Create AFPDS from COBOL for print with PSF
  • BATCH Interface Reentrant and supports multiple open reports
  • Support for large IBM 3800/3900/INFOPRINT style printers
  • PDF417 Bar Code - The Gettysburg Address in a 2" x 2" square
  • Print bar code and more on TCP/IP Connected ASCII Printers (HP LaserJet, IBM 6400, etc)
  • Replace Legi from Weber
  • Encode PDF417, Code 39, Code 128
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