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    Barcode Print Facility (BPF) an IBM Mainframe Printer Driver  System and Programming Tool

Bar code Print Facility (BPF) is  a full featured, rich, IBM Mainframe Printer Driver System that supports 100's of printers and connections.  BPF is a programming tool that makes it easy for Mainframe Programmers to print bar coded (and more) documents.   BPF functions as an API (Application Programming Interface). BPF is called by the application programs that can be COBOL, C, PL/1 and Assembler. BPF is shipped in easy file formats for the Mainframe and comes with sample CICS Transactions, BATCH, and sample COBOL source. All print under total control of the mainframe. Sample PDF-417 BATCH COBOL Program

 Sound Software Printing, Inc is proud to announce the recent purchase of BPF by Epson America.  BPF is being used to produce labels for Epson merchandise being sold in K-Mart stores.

To  view a copy of the BPF General Overview Release 8.8.8 in Word 97 format, please click on the hyperlink.  Bar Code Print Facility General Overview Release 8.8.8

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